What Is The Fetish Of Each Sign?

We All Have Some Hidden – Or Not So Hidden – Desires When It Comes To Our Sex Lives. Those Elements That Have The Power To Irritate And Upset Us, The Magic Buttons That If One Presses Them Can Take Off The Pleasure And Turn A Mediocre Bed Into An Unforgettable Orgasm. A Fetish Can Be Anything – An Object, An Idea, A Movement – Something Different For Everyone, But When We Talk About Zodiac Signs, The Stars Can Somehow Be Directed At Us.


The Most Daring Of The Zodiac Could Not But Be Proud Of His Fetishes And Not Speak Openly About His Sexual Weaknesses, Which Are Many. He Will Not Hide The Fact That He Likes To Talk Rudely, He Loves Public Sex, As He Is Crazy About The Sense Of Danger And Generally Does Not Say “No” To Anything New. Scarves In The Eyes, Hair Pulling, Bites And Slaps Are His Own Business. The Fetish Of Tying The Hands, As Long As He Is The One Who Ties. It Upsets Him To Play With His Hair.


The Passionate Taurus Loves To Combine His Two Great Weaknesses, Sex And Food. Whipped Cream, Chocolates, Fruit ∙ All Fit In His Bed, To Travel Palates And Senses. He Knows How To Give Meaning To Small Daily Pleasures, So He Makes Sex A Ritual, Holding It For As Long As He Can – Duration Is His Trump Card. His Fetish Smells, A Natural Scent, That Of Your Flesh, Can Drive Him Crazy. He Is Not Much Of A Sadomasochist, But He Would Not Say No To A Raid On Plains And Ravines, Since He Has A Weakness In Nature.


The Extroverted Gemini Can Be Upset Even At A Glance. If You Talk To Him During The Operation, While Keeping All The Lights On, He Will Certainly Not Forget You. Brain Type, Requires First Play And Communication Of Minds To Be Able To Enjoy Sex, Otherwise He Does Not Even Try It. He Likes Exaggeration And Many Changes, Of Course In Postures. He Enjoys The Massage And Handles His Hands Very Well. His Fetish Is To Observe His Partner While Masturbating, Which Is Why He Never Gets Bored Of Sex In Front Of Mirrors.


Cancer, As Quiet As It Seems, So In His Relationships He Wants To Be The Absolute Ruler. His Biggest Fetish Is Domination, To Feel That He Has The Upper Hand, That He Manages To Impose Submission On His Partner – Either In Bed Or Simply On An Emotional Level. It Excites Him To Have Complete Control Over Himself And He Considers It A Great Challenge To Acquire It. That Is Why, After All, In Bed He Will Often Ask You For Role-Playing Games, Where He Will Be Able To Bring Out His True Self.


The Lion Wants To See And Wants To Be Seen. That Is Why He Will Never Say “No” To Mirrors And Cameras. During The Act He Enjoys Seeing Himself And His Partner (Well, Ok, Maybe A Little More Himself) In Reflections And Even More Enjoys Watching The Videos They Have Shot Together From The Beginning To Repeat Them. Or So That The Hours Do Not Pass While They Are Apart. Narcissistic Directors.

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