Toys And Fetishes: The Salt And Pepper In Your Bed

To Avoid Misunderstandings, Fetishes Are Specific Objects Or Behaviors That Are Capable Of Arousing Sexual Arousal In Some Individuals. Almost Anything Can Become A Fetish, Always According To The Fashion Or The Peculiarities Of Everyone. Many Have High Heels As A Fetish, Others Have Phone Sex, While Everyone Can Adopt Their Own Fetish.

Of Course, Apart From Fetishes, There Are More … Exotic Behaviors That Sometimes Go To Extremes. Such Are Urinary Incontinence, Coccigami, Autoimmune Suffocation, Etc., Called Paraphilias, And Constitute A Separate Chapter. For Now We Will Immerse Ourselves In “I Play And I Learn”:

1. Fantasy Games: Is The Best Kind Of Spontaneous Foreplay With Joint Participation Of Both. Unleash Your Imagination And Ask Your Partner To Do The Same. Arm Yourself With Courage And Reveal To Him Your Craziest Fantasy. Agree In Advance On The Rules And Limits Of The Game.

In Practice: Everyone Writes Down On A Piece Of Paper The Fantasy They Want To Realize. It Could Be A Dream, Your Favorite Love Scene From A Movie, Or Even A Role You Wanted To Play. Choose One At Random. The Erotic Mood Is Considered Necessary. The Same Goes For Creating The Right Atmosphere.

Favorite Roles: The Nurse And The Patient (Or The Doctor), The Robber And The Virgin, The Student And The Teacher.

Favorite Movie Scenes: Angelina – Ethan Hawke In “Stolen Lives”, Kim Basing – Mickey Rourke In “9 Weeks”, Nicole Kidman – Tom Cruise In “Hermetically Closed Eyes”

2. The Bonds Of Love: Sexual Games Of Submission And Domination Are Widespread In Both Sexes. They Include Both The Game Of Bondage And The Favorite Role Of The Wife With The Slave (And Vice Versa). Many People Experience Enormous Sexual Arousal When They Find Themselves In A State Of Physical Weakness. Bonds Provide This Opportunity.

In Practice: Tie His Wrists Off The Bed. Choose A Scenario Like That Of The Sultan And The Maid. Torture Him Until He Reaches Orgasm. The Key Is To Not Be Able To Touch Them At All During The Game. The Alternation Of Binding And Roles Is Considered Necessary. 

Favorite Accessories: Pink Fur Handcuffs, Silk Ropes, Tie And Even Special Swings To Tie.

3. The Blind Fly: Dedicate One Night To Playing The Blind Fly. See Love With Other “Eyes” And Have The Most Sensual Sex, In Which The Other Senses (Except Vision) Play A Leading Role.

In Practice:  Tie His Eyes With An All-Silk Handkerchief. Stimulate The Imagination With Your Words. Undress Him And Put Him To Lie Down With His Legs Open. Describe To Him What You Do And He Does Not See, Since He Has His Eyes Closed. For Even More Intense Arousal, Add Some Sexual Aids To The Game, Such As With The Dildo.

Favorite Accessories: Silk Sheets, Essential Oils, All-Silk Scarf, Some Sensual Music Cds.

4. Wood From Paradise: Many Prefer Hits Or Small Slaps That Pleasantly Increase Blood Circulation. Of Course, Both Of Them Should Like The Sport And The Process Should Not Be Really Painful.

In Practice: Ask To Be Slapped On The Buttocks. Forced Him To Count The Slaps. If He Shows Too Much Enthusiasm, Punish Him With Slaps, For This Exaggeration. He Struck Other Than The Buttocks. Ask Him Out Well If He Is No Longer Absorbed In The Connection. Ask Him Out Well If He Is No Longer Absorbed In The Connection.

Favorite Accessories: Whip, Poles, Suspenders And Even Your Long Crimson Nails!

5. Striptease: As You Can Imagine, The Naked View Of Your Body Can Upset Him, In Just A Few Seconds. The Same Thing Happens With You. Remember How Nice It Was To See The Male Striptease At The Gluer’s Bachelor Party!

In Practice: First, I Start In The Mirror. Start Rocking And Observe Your Body As Well As The Expression You Get. Once You Are Familiar With The Subject, Ask Your Partner To Watch You. Watch The Movie “Striptease” With Demi Moore To Get Ideas. If You Are Ashamed, Ask Him To Watch You From The Keyhole Or From The Next Room. Make Sure He Does Not Touch You Before You Finish The Striptease, No Matter How Much He Wants It. Then Ask Him To Do A Nice Striptease For You Too.

Favorite Accessories: Garter, Suspenders, Candles, Silicone Knee-High Socks.

6. Erotic Massage: Touch Is Not Just A Sensation. It Is An Ancient Form Of Emotional And Physical Bonding. Massage Your Partner, All Over The Body From The Top To The Nails And The Genitals. Ask Him To Do The Same For You At Regular Intervals.

In Practice: Supply Yourself With The Necessary Essential Oils And Start A Slow, Pleasant Massage. Your Movements Should Be Slow And The Pressure Moderate. Use Your Fingertips, Elbows And Even Your Nails.

7. Erotic Aids: This Category Includes All Those Material Objects, Toys, Aids That Enhance And Expand Arousal.

Favorite Accessories: Vibrators, Bolts, Penis Rings, Lubricating Gels, Anal Wedges, Masks, Tattoos, Feathers, Leather Underwear, Body Piercing.

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