These Signs Are Passionate For Fetish


Virgo Loves Flavors And Sensuality. That’s Why He Might Suggest Bringing Chocolates, Jams, And Even Ice Cream To Bed. He Generally Likes To Hang Out With His Partner For Hours And Talk In Between, To Analyze, To Listen To Music, To Make The Whole Thing A Ritual For Only Two. Even If You Find His Script A Bit Too Romantic, Follow It And You Will Surely Appreciate It – Because It Is Not Something We Encounter Every Day.


Our Libra Is A Balanced Child, Very Much Of Equality And Meritocracy, Even In Bed. Just Leave It On. He Finds It Terrifying To Have A Coordinating Role, To Tell You What To Do And You To Follow – Or To Punish You When You Disobey. Every Blow Of Disobedience Will Be Followed By Sweet Caresses. And All This While He Speaks To You Infamously – In The Plural – To Balance Kindness And Tenderness With Savagery. He Is Open To Experimentation, As Any News That Is Added To The Little Black Booklet Of His Sexual Knowledge Is Welcome.


Without Fear But With A Lot Of Passion, Our Scorpio Works In Terms Of Sex. You’re Not Surprised, Are You? So Do Not Be Shocked If You Get It In Practice In A Dark But Public Place. His Fetish Is To Have Sex In Places Where There Is A Risk Of Getting Caught In The Leech, Since The Prying Eyes Or Even The Possibility Of Them Intrigue Him. He Finds Her Especially With “One In A Hurry” Where Neither Of Them Needs To Take Off Clothes. Alternatively, Of Course, A Tie Does Not Spoil It.


Our Sagittarius Is Social, The Bigger The Company, The Bigger The Fun. Something Like That In His Bedroom. He Is The First To Agree On A Trio (And More If He Wants) And If He Has Not Dared, In The End, To Live It, He Has Definitely Thought About It. He Can, Of Course, Alleviate This Need For Boogie In Bed In Another Way. Have Another Person In His Sheets Every Night. Not Necessarily Another Partner, Just Enter A Role, Different Each Time, And You Will Have Him Permanently Satisfied.


Is It Serious Or Obvious? Capricorn Is Certainly Not Characterized As The Soul Of The Company, Nor Is He Famous For His Sociability Or Sexual Extroversion. He Lets An Air Of Mystery Hover Around Him And Reveals His Innermost Thoughts And Fantasies Only To Those Who Manage To Gain His Trust. Then, However, He Is Left To Power Games, Bites, Sex In Forbidden Places And Everything Else That Can Bring Out His Wild Instincts. As A Workaholic Fetish Of Sex In The Office.


Because, In General, They Are Very Dynamic And They Like To Have The Upper Hand In Situations, Our Aquarius Has As A Hidden Fetish To Feel Here And There A Little Under The Bed. A Little To Obey The Orders Of Their Partner For His Pleasure, A Little To Be Played By Helpless And Innocent Souls Under The Guidance Of The Most Powerful. Of Course, All This In The Context Of A Fun And Safe Process, Where His Dignity Is Not Affected And The Situation Never Escapes To A Pathological Degree. But How To Do It, No Matter How Dynamic You Are, Sometimes You Need To Find Your Teacher!


Our Playful Pisces Try Almost Everything, They Have No Taboos And They Really Like To Experiment. But As This Tendency For Attention Always Prevails, Their Loudest Fetish Is Called “Public Space”. They Are Crazy About The Idea That Someone Can Watch Them, That Anything Can Be Done At Any Time And That They Are Exposed To Public View. They Are Also A Bit Handsome, So Inwardly They Almost Wish Someone Would Watch Them From A Certain Angle, Thus Having Even More Fun With The Process. Do Not Be Afraid, They Are Always Careful And Will Never Want To Embarrass You By Doing Something You Do Not Want To Do.

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