The 8 Most Common Sexual Fetishes.

Fetishes Are More Common And Common Than We Think And Can Stimulate Our Imagination And Liberate Us, So That We Can Enjoy Our Sex Life In A Fuller Way.

Sexual Fetishes Are Practices That Are Characterized By Arousal Or Orgasm Using Objects, Substances, Or Specific Parts Of The Body.

Although Just Hearing The Word “Fetish” Terrifies Some, It Is A Common And Harmless Practice That Can Truly Elevate The Sexual Experience.

In Some Cases, Fetishes Take On The Character Of Repetitive And Necessary Behavior For Sexual Arousal , And When This Happens, Fetishism Can Be Perceived As A Pathological Disorder.

However, Most Of The Time It Is Just A Manifestation And Aspect Of Human Sexuality, In Both Men And Women.

Do You Know The Most Common Sexual Fetishes? Discover 8 Of Them In The Following Lines.

Sexual Fetishes

1. Piercing Of The Ears Or Other Parts Of The Body (Piercing)

Piercing Is One Of The Most Popular Fetishes, Especially In The Under 40s. Includes All Types Of Piercings Using Jewelry Of Various Sizes, Shapes And Colors.

The Jewelry Adorns Parts Of The Body, Which In Turn Serve The Erotic Stimulation:

  • Nipples
  • Genitals
  • Lips
  • Language
  • Belly Button

People With This Fetish And Only The Sight Of Piercing On A Person, Can Feel Intense Sexual Desire.

However, Some People Are Aroused By The Cold Sensation Caused By Metal Piercings When They Come In Contact With The Body.

2. Hair

Hair Fetish , Also Known As Trichophilia, Is Quite Common And Common, Especially Among Men.

Hair Fetishes Are Irritated By Direct Contact With Hair, Their Color Or Their Hairstyle.

Fetish Women, On The Other Hand, May Be Excited By Their Partner’s Beard, Mustache Or Chest Hair.

3. Shoes

One Of The Most Popular Object-Related Fetishes In The World Is The High-Heeled Shoe Fetish Or The Sexual Arousal Of Women’s Shoes.

Men Can Go To Extremes In Sexual Intercourse, With The Woman Never Taking Off Her Shoes, Usually Her High Heels.

4. Leather

The Use Of Leather Objects During Sexual Intercourse Is One Of The Most Common Fetishes.

Today, You Can Look For Leather Goods In All Erotic Stores And It Is A Fact That There Are Clubs And Groups For Skin Lovers.

Skin, And Especially Black, Has Become A Universal Symbol Of Eroticism And Can Be Associated With Domination / Subjugation And Sadomasochism.

Leather Articles May Include:

  • Masks
  • Whips
  • Belts
  • Underwear
  • Costumes

5. Underwear

Underwear Is Usually The Fetish That Excites Almost Every Man. These Special Clothes Take Off The Feminine Sensuality, Which Makes Them Even More Mysterious And Attractive To Men.

Many People Prefer Their Sexual Partner To Wear Socks, Suspenders Or A Bra During Sex.

6. Costumes

The Use Of Costumes Is Not Only Popular As A Fetish, But It Is Also A Way To Break The Routine During Sexual Intercourse.

The Costumes Touch The Imagination And Both Men And Women Can With Their Fantasies, Peak Their Erotic Arousal.

By Using Costumes, One Can Play Roles Or Different Personalities, Depending On The Creativity Of His Mind.

7. Voyeurism, One Of The Usual Sexual Fetishes

Although Not As Common As Previous Fetishes, Voyeurism Is A Common Sexual Experience That Many People Have Had In Practice.

It Refers To The Pleasure And Enjoyment That One Derives From Watching Others Naked Or Having Sex, Anywhere.

Some People Only Get Excited When They Watch Unsuspecting People. Others, On The Other Hand, Enjoy The Spectacle More, As “Approved” Spectators, That Is, With The Knowledge Of Others.

In Addition, The Fetish Includes Sexual Arousal From Watching Erotic Movies For Adults.

8. Submission And Domination

Submission And Domination Are Some Of The Most Common Sexual Fantasies, Especially After The Success Of Movies Such As “50 Shades Of Gray”.

In Order For Toys To Involve Sadomasochism As A Fetish, They Must Include The Use Of Various Sexual Aids:

  • Handcuffs
  • Chains
  • Whips
  • Leather Uniforms
  • Collars, Collars

Do Any Of These Fetishes Suit Your Tastes? Have You Put Them Into Practice With One Of Your Sexual Partners? Although Some Of Them Are Very Different Or Even Strange, They Can Undoubtedly Excite Us And Help Us Enjoy Our Sexuality.

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