How To Express Your Sexual Fetish Properly

Some People Are Terrified When They Hear The Phrase Sexual Fetish, As They Consider It Something Painful Or “Abnormal”.

Although There Are Such Fetishes, They Are Not The Most Common.

On The Contrary, There Are Many Sexual Fetishes, Which Many Keep Secret, Fearing That They Will Appear Strange.

Sexual Fetish Is A Practice In Which Arousal Or Orgasm During Sex Comes With The Use Of Objects, Substances Or Highlighting Specific Parts Of The Body.

Some Examples Of Common Sexual Fetishes Are:

  • Piercings On Various Parts Of The Body
  • Shoes, Eg High Heels
  • Use Of Leather Accessories (Masks, Whips, Underwear, Etc.)
  • Sex With Sexy Lingerie
  • Role-Playing Games And Costumes (Eg Sexy Nurse)
  • Voyeurism (Watching Other People Have Sex, Always Voluntarily)
  • Submission Games (Use Of Handcuffs, Collars, Etc.)

Expressing A Sexual Fetish May Seem Difficult, But It Should Not Be.

You May Be Afraid That Talking About Your Sexual Fetish Will Lead To Embarrassing Situations, But When You Are In A Relationship, You Both Need To Be Open In Order To Enjoy Sex To The Fullest.

When Should I Talk About My Sexual Fetish?

Your First Question May Be Whether You Should Talk To Your Girlfriend About Your Fetish.

Here The Answer Is Obviously Yes.

But When Should You Express Yourself? On The First Date Or Later?

It Is Difficult For Many, To The Point That Even If They Are Married Or Have A Long-Term Relationship, They Do Not Express Their Sexual Fetish.

The Right Time To Open Up Is As Soon As Possible, When You Realize That There Is Compatibility Between You As A Couple.

Expressing It In Time You Will Understand If You Have Invested In A Woman With Whom You Are Also Sexually Compatible , Something That Is Extremely Important.

From The Second Or Third Date, You Can Give Some Signs And Make References To Your Fetish.

If You See That He Reacts Positively, It Will Be Easy To Reveal Everything!

1. By Talking About Your Sexual Fetish, You Are Showing That You Trust Her

Do Not Start By Making A Joke For Those Who Have A Fetish.

Explain To Her From The Beginning That You Trust Her And That This Is Why You Decided To Express Yourself Openly Towards Her.

Most Likely She Will Appreciate The Trust You Show Her.

2. If You Are Worried That He Will Judge You, Say It

If You Are Anxious And Do Not Feel So Comfortable, Explain Why.

Maybe It’s Your Fault That A Woman In The Past Criticized You For This Fetish Of Yours.

If You Are Clear About This, He Will Know That Judging Your Sexual Fetish Will Make You Feel Bad And Most Likely He Does Not Want It.

3. Demystify The Sexual Fetish By Giving Details

If You Share With Her Some Additional Details, Such As How And When You Discovered That You Have This Fetish, You Will Help Her To Better Understand And Gradually Get Into The “Philosophy” Of Your Fetish, Without Considering It Strange.

Let Her Know That The Term Fetish Is Not A Bad Thing And That Instead It Is Something That Will Upgrade Your Sex Life, Increasing The Satisfaction You Experience.

4. Begin With The Fundamentals And Work Your Way Up.

If You Ask Her Right Away, Without Any Introduction To Get Into Your Sexual Fetish, Then She Is Almost Certain That She Will React.

Make Sure You Gradually Integrate It Into The Climate ..

Show That You Understand That What You Want Is Something New For Her, But Explain To Her That You Think Your Sex Life Will Improve Even More If Your Sex Fetish Becomes Part Of It.

If She Has Not Done Something Similar Again, Try To Put Her In The Mood, Showing Her A Relevant Video Or Photo That Will Arouse Her Interest And Curiosity.

5. Learn Her Own Fantasies

It Is A Given That She Too Will Have Some Erotic Fantasy.

Show Interest And Ask Her To Share It With You , Showing Willingness To Do What Irritates Her.

If She Tells You About Her Secret Sexual Fantasies, It Will Be Easier For You To Open Up And She Will Understand That The Discussion Is Not Only About Yours, But Also About Her Own Satisfaction.

Satisfying Her Sexual Fantasies Will Make Her Want You More.

6. Sexual Fetish Will Not Change Your Relationship

Do Not Put The Label Of Secret In Your Sexual Fetish.

This Will Make It Look Like Something You Want To Hide.

In Fact, It Is Not Something You Want To Hide, You Are Just Hesitant, Because You Are Afraid That You Will Scare Your Girlfriend.

So Explain To Her That You Realize That It May Seem Strange, But That It Does Not Change Who You Are.

Fetish, Whatever It Is, Will Not Change The Emotions And Balances In Your Relationship.

Even If You Like Submissive Games, For Example, It Does Not Mean That You Are A Bad Or Violent Person And That It Is Important For Both Parties To Understand.

Also, If You Have Already Had Sex Several Times, Let Her Know That It Was A Powerful Experience For You, Even Without Performing Your Fetishes.

7. Tell Her That You Value Her Understanding

Finally, After Listening To You, She Explained That You Value Understanding And The Fact That She Has An Open Mind And Stated That You Are Also Open To Satisfy Her Own Needs For Sexual Arousal.

Also, Do Not Forget To Tell Her That Such A Conversation Is Very Important , Because It Helps You Feel More Intimate With Each Other, Something That Is Positive, Not Only During Sexual Intercourse, But Also For Your Relationship In General.

Whether He Wants To Take Part In Your Sexual Fetish Or Not, You Will Lose A Lot Of Weight And This Will Be Good For You And Your Relationship.

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