Could Fetish Be A Problem?

Really Clarifies That Having A Fetish Is Not A Problem, But There Are Remarks And Concerns About The Issue That Need To Be Made. It Is Understandable That If The Sexual Intercourse Between Two Adults Takes Place, Under Conditions Of Consent, It Is Pleasant And Takes Place In A Private Environment, Where Only Those Who Wanted To Participate In The Practice, Regardless Of The Practice Adopted, Is A Healthy Sexual Intercourse ” , Explains The Psychologist.

Fetish Can Become A Problem When It Is The Only Way To Get Pleasure And Is Disconnected From A Consent, Which Is Imposed On The Partner, Causing Discomfort And / Or Embarrassment.

In Addition, Raelly Comments That Some Fetishes Can Pose A Risk To Those Who Practice Them. “Some Sadomasochistic Acts, Such As The Satisfaction Of Bleeding, Can Be Dangerous. In These Cases, In Addition To Consent, It Is Important To Take Every Precaution So That The Practice Does Not Cause Further Discomfort Or Harm To Other Areas Of The Person’s Life. “, He Emphasizes.

Therefore, Before Making A Fetish, Be Fully Convinced Of What You Want And Agree With All Parties Involved. If Necessary, Choose A Safe Word, Which Can Be Said Whenever You Think The Limits Have Been Exceeded. With Or Without A Fetish, Sexual Intercourse Requires Pleasure And Consent.

What To Do When Fetish Becomes A Problem?

Raelly Says That While Performing Fetishes Is Enjoyable For Some People, For Others It Can Cause Some Conflict. “The Person Is Advised To Look For More On The Subject And Talk To The Partner To Try It, Little By Little, These New Practices “, Guides The Psychologist.

If The Practice Of Fetish Has Caused Any Kind Of Anxiety Or Distress, If It Is The Only Way To Get Pleasure Or If It Has Damaged A Person’s Self-Esteem, Health Or Relationships, Raelly Advises Them To Seek Out A Mental Health Professional And Start A Psychotherapy Process.

It Is Necessary To Understand The Impact Of These Experiences On Life In Order To Be Able To Better Deal With The Concerns That Arise From Them. And This Is Possible Through Psychotherapeutic Treatment.

Is Fetish Normal?

Anyone Who Has A Fetish Or Even Who Can Not Wonder If The Fetish Is Normal. In The Video, Some Fetishes Are Shown And Youtuber Answers If The Fetish Is Normal.

There Is No Doubt That Fetish Is Perfectly Normal When There Is Consensus Between The Parties Involved.

Animal Fetish Stage

Playing With Pets Is Much More Aesthetic Than A Sexual Fetish. As It Is Very Light, It Is A Common Practice For Those Who Are New To Bdsm.

Four Experiences With Pedagogy

The Pedagogical Universe Includes Various Activities That Can Be Performed On Your Feet At The Right Time.

There Is Nothing Wrong Or Bad With Fetishes When There Is Consensus Among All Parties Involved. Even In Practices That Are Considered Extreme Or That Make Strangers Feel Strange, When There Is Consensus And Exchange Of Pleasure, Everything Is Fine!

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