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A fetish may be defined as an interest in a single subject that is so strong that it can be considered as a kind of arousal. That’s not all that unusual, since many individuals have had a penchant for something they encountered as a child. A situation in which someone is not required to be aware of it at all or may never learn about it.
An fixation with hair, shoes, or diapers, as well as a strong maternal presence, may all be signs of childhood trauma. Where an orgasm is the logical conclusion to the sexual act.

Both literally and metaphorically. Many fetishists avoid discussing or criticising their own fetishes since many others don’t understand or reject fetishes. As a result, there are no more annoyances to deal with!

Physically because of the discomfort caused by certain sexual fantasies. Sadomasochism is a kind of psychopathology that involves dominance, which may escalate to violence (e.g. whipping or flogging). Shoes and boots may also cause discomfort, though. Walking over someone with shoes or boots may produce the ultimate orgasm in addition to licking, petting, etc.